Michael Vaughn Hernandez is a Trinidadian-American writer and director from Miami, currently residing in Los Angeles. Growing up both in Miami and the Caribbean, Michael has been exposed to many richly diverse cultures and people from such vibrantly different walks of life. From Bollywood to Asian films to American movies and beyond, he is grateful to have experienced time and time again how cinema is a powerful and meaningful way to connect to the people and world around us.


Michael earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Florida State University, after which he held positions as Creative Director of Marketing, Media Director, Graphic Designer, Editor, and Director of Photography, the culmination of which in 2012 materialized into his career path as a film director. He utilized his skills and years of experience to bring into full realization the production company CreativeDuet Media. Over the last six years he has continuously worked as a director for music videos, commercials, industrials, marketing campaigns, and narrative short films. Worthy is the first of four next-level projects his team is undertaking to not only solidify their presence in the narrative film world, but also to inspire and challenge audiences in the real world.

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